Why do some reviews have a different-coloured star rating? This year, we're re-publishing selected reviews from earlier runs of the same show – for example, if we reviewed the same production at last year's Edinburgh Fringe. Find out more.
4 stars A Curse Of Saints Stephen Walker
4 stars Behind the Agony Richard Stamp
3 stars Dreamscape Richard Stamp
4 stars Extremism Stephen Walker
4 stars Gated Community Stephen Walker
5 stars Green Knight Richard Stamp
4 stars Guy: A New Musical Stephen Walker
4 stars Janet Richard Stamp
3 stars Murder, Margaret and Me Richard Stamp
4 stars Old Bones Richard Stamp
5 stars On Behalf Of The People Richard Stamp
4 stars Telling Lives Richard Stamp
3 stars The Fetch Wilson Stephen Walker
4 stars (previous review) The O.S. Map Fan Club Richard Stamp 2018
5 stars (previous review) The Unknown Soldier Richard Stamp 2015
3 stars The War On Terry Stephen Walker
3 stars Trapped Stephen Walker