You don't so much watch Angel Cards with Janice as experience it. It's a micro-theatre adventure for one or two, in a delightfully decorated grotto draped with fabric and lit with fairy lights.

Janice from the hairdressers is at a bit of a crossroads in her life, and she is experimenting with card reading as she tries to figure out what the future holds. She adopts the mysterious character of Madam Norrash; that's Sharron backwards, and some may remember Janice from Fishhouse Theatre’s previous show, What Would Sharron Davies Do?

I've never had my cards read - I'm afraid I'm a rather cynical chap - so I'm not entirely sure of the form. When Madam Norrash asks what question I'd like answered, I'm surprised into blurting out something rather personal. You may want to think about this before you go. (I'm assuming that this is like Catholicism, secrets of the confessional and all that?)

Despite my scepticism, there is something very lovely about the experience. Of course it is filtered through many layers: Lesley Emery plays Janice, who is pretending to be Madam Norrash, though she slips between the characters as she intertwines her own story with your reading.

Within the experience, your question is taken seriously - and while I don't believe the cards in themselves reveal anything, there is something quite therapeutic about considering your problem through the alternative perspectives that the random cards present. It is also much cheaper than therapy. It's a very intimate experience, and as Janice relates what is happening in her life to yours, a rapport and sympathy is created.

As concepts go, a middle-aged hairdresser reading your cards isn’t exactly cutting-edge, but there is something quite innovative about this interactive form of theatre - and Lesley Emery is a skilled and engaging performer, more than capable of pulling it off. My Angel Card said Openness and if you approach this delightfully personal show in that spirit, I think you'll have a lovely half hour.