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Mrs. Oscar Wilde

4 stars (previous review)

What was it like to be Oscar Wilde’s wife?  He’s one of history’s most celebrated gay men, so you might be surprised at the question.  But he was married – for fourteen years – to an independently-minded woman named Constance Lloyd; and this one-woman play seeks to redress the balance, telling the tale of their lives together entirely through Constance’s eyes.  Through a fictionalised series of letters to her brother Otho, we follow the couple’s romance, parenthood, and ultimate parting – and while Oscar’s electric personality is never present, it’s always felt.

Review by Richard Stamp originally published at the Buxton Fringe in 2016 | Read more

The Unknown Soldier

5 stars (previous review)

If there was one thing I was certain we didn't need this Fringe, it was yet another play about World War One.  But this play is different: partly because actor-playwright Ross Ericson was once a serving soldier, and partly because it picks up the story where other scripts leave off.  The imagery you expect is all there – the claustrophobic billet, the hammering rain, the tales of chest-deep mud – but there's something unfamiliar too, something that doesn't quite add up.  So when it finally dawned on me just what this particular soldier was doing in the Somme, the desensiti

Review by Richard Stamp originally published at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2015 | Read more